Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of Terms
    • This document is an electronic record of terms of information technology statutes that is generated by the computer system and does not require any digital signature.

    • This document is developed in concern to the information technology provisions and regulations that require publishing of the regulations as well as rules.

    • Your use of VOTE BANK app, an online platform allowing users to cast vote through online voting campaigns for selecting desired candidates, is subject to following terms of services (also known as Agreement) discussed below.

    • The terms "Parties" and "Party" can be used for referring the company/users collectively or individually as the context requires. Your Agreement with this app will always include these terms and conditions being set out.

    • The terms "Parties" and "Party" can be used for referring the company/users collectively or individually as the context requires. Your Agreement with this app will always include these terms and conditions being set out.

    • For availing the services provided by the Vote Bank App, you are required to agree the terms and conditions being discussed in this Agreement. By joining the VOTE BANK app, it is understood that you accept "Privacy and Policy" and "Terms of Service" and also agree to all these terms and conditions being discussed in this document.

    • In addition, the moment the user (You) registers himself/ herself with this VOTE BANK app, this Agreement will apply to him/ her.

    • You might not be able to use the VOTE BANK app if you do not accept the terms and conditions discussed in this agreement.

    • Moreover, we might modify the agreement whenever required without prior notification to the users and we can upload the modified terms as well as conditions on our App.

    • You agree to continue the usage of the apps after such modifications and agree to accept the modified agreement.

    • If you do not accept such modifications then you can cease all your activities on VOTE BANK app.

    • Moreover, we also reserve the rights to deny any registration on the app to anyone at our sole discretion without any reason being assigned thereof.

    • We also acquire or retain the rights for denying the access to the VOTE BANK to any user at any time in case our app's user terms of the agreement are being violated.

    • In addition to this, by agreeing to our terms and conditions you also accept as well as agree to be bounded by our Privacy and Policy.

  2. Description of Services

    The VOTE BANK is a platform that provides verified and secure voting. This app can also be used for opinion polls, contexts, online voting etc. VOTE BANK is an online platform in which users are allowed to register using their mobile phones. The online voting campaign creator can put candidates of his/her choice so that users can select their desired candidates by casting online vote.

    Age Limit: Persons who are above 18 years of age and are competent according to laws applicable to this agreement can become the users of the VOTE BANK App. Moreover, the VOTE BANK app would not be responsible for the usage of this app by persons who are below 18 years of age or any other person who is incompetent to contract, under the laws being applicable to this agreement. Moreover, the company might delete the data, related to the account created by any incompetent user, whenever the usage of this app by that incompetent person is brought into our knowledge either by the family, user, friends of such incompetent user or through other means.

    Non-registered users can only browse the VOTE BANK application but they have to register on the app in order to avail the services being offered on the Vote bank app. Moreover, the user is solely responsible for ensuring that any votes/results shared on social media do not violate the copyright laws, intellectual property laws or any such related laws.

    Users are allowed to invite other persons in their contact to join this app by inviting them through phonebook, social networks, or emails. However, the platforms through which they can invite the users include and limited to Yahoo, Whatsapp, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

  3. Services by the Vote Bank Application:

    You acknowledge and agree, in case your account is disabled, you might be prevented to access your account details or other associated data which is contained in your account.

    You acknowledge as well as agree that while we might not currently limit the use of VOTE BANK app, we might perform such actions in the case that hinders our potential to proceed on operations. Along with this, we may remove the information or content being posted by the user on the Vote Bank app if we find that the content violates this agreement and is contagious or shall prejudice the usage of the Vote Bank app by other users. In addition to this, we shall not be responsible for the loss incurred by the changes in the limitations and features of the usage of the services or discontinuation of the services

  4. Use of Vote Bank App by you

    For using the services of the Vote Bank app you might be required to provide the information about yourself during the process of the registration. The information you might be asked to provide, during the registration process includes age, name, gender, mobile number, photo, etc. In addition to this, in case you are asked to upload the photo on the Vote Bank app, you will be uploading that on your sole discretion and you agree that the registration information provided by you, will always be proper, accurate and up to date. The information that is associated with the user's profile or activities on the Vote Bank app will be visible to other users who can access the Vote Bank app from another account, with or without registration.

    • You also agree to the use of the Vote bank app only for commercial use or personal purpose to the extent permitted by this agreement and by any regulations, guidelines or law.

    • Moreover, you also agree that you will not be involved in any kind of activity that interferes with or disrupts with the Vote Bank application.

    • You agree that you will be solely responsible for the breach of the data obligations under the Agreement and for the consequences that might involve the damage or loss that we may suffer due to such breach.

    • You also agree that the data of the user stored in the Vote Bank application is as per the terms and conditions that are outlined in the Privacy Policy.

    • You further agree that we reserve the rights to delete or modify the data or any images that are being submitted by you to the Vote Bank app as the part of the registration process.

    • Moreover, you also agree that you might not use any robot, deep-link, spider or any other automatic device, methodology, program or any related manual process for monitoring or copying, accessing, acquiring any portion of the Vote Bank App in any way.

    • You will not attempt for gaining any unauthorized access to any portion of the Vote Bank app or any other system that is connected to this app.

    • You shall not scan, test or probe the vulnerability associated with the Vote Bank app, network connected to the app nor you will breach the security or authentication measures associated with the Vote Bank app.

    • Users can change/modify the context that has been generated by themselves only, at any point in time.

    • You further agree that we can share the user information with our employees, customers, agents or any other affiliated parties for rendering better services to you. Moreover, you also agree that we might disclose the information whenever required by following the laws, such as to law enforcement agencies or Government if requested or needed by them, under any notification, order, statute or if such disclosure is in the public interest.

    • In addition to this, you further agree that you will be responsible for all the activities that occur with respect to your account.

    • You also agree to ensure to end the account activities from being further carried out, after ending the account session carried out by you.

    • The company may interact with the users through different means such as through email, app notifications, SMS for enhancing the user experience associated with the Vote Bank app, and for providing the customer services, notifying users regarding the changes and new services associated with the Vote Bank app so that the users can be kept updated about the latest offerings being provided by the company.

    The company will not send any further email to the users in case they choose not to receive the notifications or such communications subjected to the conditions that are laid down in this agreement as well as the Privacy Policy. In case the users wish to resume receiving the notifications or emails they can notify us at any time by contacting us as support@votebank.net

  5. Information submitted by the users

    We might copy the user’s contact list from the phone, which they share while generating polls or voting campaigns, for sending notifications to them in order to allow them to participate in voting campaigns.

    In addition to this, we also understand that the information including written tests, data files, personal information which you might provide or upload them as part of, or for availing, the Vote Bank app’s services is solely your responsibility.

    We can also restrict the use of the content and also delete the content from the Vote Bank app on grounds of promoting bigotry, discrimination, violence, harm, harassment or any related activity in nature.

  6. Copyright complaints

    Since we respect the intellectual property rights of others, hence according to that, the company has the policy to remove the user submission that violates the copyright law and suspend the access to the app to any user who uses the Vote Bank app in violation to the copyright law. Moreover, the company has implemented the procedures to receive the written notification according to the Copyright Act, 1957 for processing such claims as per the law.

  7. Unlawful activity

    We reserve the right to investigate the complaints regarding this Agreement that reports any violations and take the required action that we deem necessary including but not restricted to reporting any such suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement regulatory bodies, with respect to such persons or to such accounts, or related information.

  8. Deactivation of Account

    The terms might continue to be applied even after the user account is deactivated either by us or by the user, as below:
    We might terminate this legal agreement with the user at any time in case the user breaches any provision of terms.

  9. Third-Party Content

    Third Part content, as well as materials, might appear on the app or might be accessible through hyperlinks from the app. However, we are not responsible for whatsoever misstatement, mistakes in the statement or false statements or any other form of content or material appearing on the app through hyperlinks from the app.

  10. Privacy

    We respect your privacy and also understand the significance of your personal information provided on the Vote Bank app and hence we store the information as well as process it on computers that might be protected by physical and reasonable technological security measures or procedures. Moreover, our Privacy Policy is also available on our app. If you object to your information being assigned to or used, as provided in this agreement, then please do not use our Vote Bank App.

  11. Notice

    We may send you a notice whenever required through SMS, call or email. In addition to this, the company might also provide you with the notice of changes in this agreement or other related matters by displaying the links or notices to you mainly on the Vote Bank app.

  12. Non-transferable

    You agree that your right to use the Vote Bank App is not assignable or transferable. Any right or password given to you for obtaining document or information is not assignable or transferable.

  13. Disclaimer

    The app and any party might not be responsible/ liable for any loss, claim, injury or damage of any type in any form, from the app or any services obtained there from.

  14. Contact us

    The users of the Vote Bank app can use the "Contact Us" option for contacting us for any help, or any query, concern associated with the use of the Vote Bank App's technical problems being encountered.