Privacy Policy

Please read the following terms carefully before using our services. Visit our Vote Bank App and avail the services. The users of this app are bound by and accept the terms of use that has been described herein.

  1. Definitions and Preamble

    The VOTE BANK app is owned, operated and managed by Lamaid Ltd and Kodescraft LLC.Users who use this app to avail the services have read the "Privacy Policy", understood it and accepted it completely with the "Terms and Conditions" (as provided in a separate agreement).Moreover, The Privacy Policy of Vote Bank app describes the information being collected from the users and the ways, in which it is being used, disclosed and the ways, in which the user may access this information.

  2. Acceptance of Terms

    This Agreement includes information about the Privacy Policy of the Vote Bank App. By using the Vote Bank App, the user agrees to the terms as well as conditions of this app provided herein. Moreover, in case the user does not agree to the terms and conditions of the Vote Bank app's Policy, then they should cease all the activities and usage of the Vote Bank app. By using this app, you provide your consent to use and collect your personal information as described herein.

    You must agree to the Terms and conditions along with the Privacy Policy jointly and must show mutual acceptance in order to use the Vote Bank app.

  3. Information collected

    Since, at the time of registration, the user is asked to provide personal information to avail the services of the Vote Bank, hence that information includes but not restricted to name of the user, photograph, age, gender, mobile number. At our sole discretion, this is subject to change and that we might ask you to provide your further information that we consider necessary for providing efficient as well as enhanced services of the Vote Bank App. This process will allow the users of this app to manage their profile, account and use the Vote Bank app’s services.

    Moreover, online access to the profile of the user is protected with a strong password that is itself selected by the user at the time of registration. Therefore, we strongly recommend all the users not to disclose your password to anyone, ever. User will be solely responsible for all the activities being performed under his/her profile.

    The Vote Bank App shall have the right to access the information of the user being stored on the social networking site as well, if the user creates account using the login details of that social networking site and also grants access to the Vote Bank App to do so. The information can be shared as well as published by the user on the Vote Bank App through social networking site and the Vote Bank app shall not be responsible for any kind of policy breach of other website or app due to such sharing or publication of the content by the user.

    The information of the user such as its location from beacons, GPS or other related technology can be accessed and stored by the application, as generated through the use of the app. The data will be collected for increasing the efficiency of the voting campaigns.

  4. Use of information

    #NOTE: The list of information being shared is not exclusive, however, it includes the possible areas of the same.

    • We may use the information of the user for modifying the services being provided by the Vote Bank in order to fulfil the requirements of the user. Moreover, we might also use such information with our employees, third parties, or related agents being involved with us for providing the services of the app.
    • In addition to this, in certain instances, the user is asked to select third-party websites or apps such as Google, Facebook, etc as a medium in order to access specific information. However, such information might be disclosed to the third-party website or apps for ensuring that the Vote Bank is fully functional. Though, the information of the user will be disclosed only on the basis of the written consent of the user.
    • Moreover, when the user agrees to cast the vote, then the user is also agreeing to share his/her geographical information.
  5. Cookies, and other related information

    The information associated with the voting campaign’s results will be visible to the third party while accessing the Vote Bank App.

  6. Contact us

    The “Contact us” page can be used by the users for any help, query or question or email us at ( regarding the use of the app or any technical issue that might occur in the Vote Bank App.